We are a Family oriented club! We have several events every year. Members are able to ride our trails throughout the year with the exception of fire season. With riding areas being cut back further and further, we are fortunate enough to have cooperation with Weyerhaeuser to allow riding on their lands by membership only. We the members provide maintenance of the trails and information to all that ride. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful area for our families and friends to experience.

Join us! It will only take a minute. Yearly Memberships Starts at $50 (1 sticker)


We want to address the question around camping at Baber Meadows. ODF is comfortable with folks camping at Baber Meadows, but not comfortable with campfires out there during fire season. The ODF State Forest staff are consulting with the state recreation team to see if there are specific designs and specs for campgrounds/fire pits in other districts with State Forest Lands. Again, as for now,  no campfires at the Meadow during Fire Season. 


Also, no person shall be in possession of firearms or hunt while operating a motorized vehicle on the Mt Baber ATV Club trail System. This includes electric-assisted types of vehicles. This is a condition of our lease agreement with Weyerhaeuser. 

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