Why we are a MEMBERSHIP ONLY club?

With riding areas being cut back further and further, we are fortunate enough to have cooperation with our neighboring Timber Companies to allow riding on their lands by membership only. We the members provide maintenance of the trails and information to all that ride. In order to ride on these private lands, the Mt. Baber Club has established agreements with the landowners. As part of these agreements, the club is required to carry insurance in case of damages to the landowner’s property. The club is also required to lease the property for the meadow.

 The club pays $5,887.57 in insurance cost yearly as well as $750 per year to lease the meadow. The additional cost we have are for a club website, PO Box, purchase stickers and other operating costs that bring the total near $10,730.33. This is why we pay a membership to ride these wonderful trails.

2024 Membership Pricing

  • Family Membership – $65.00 (2 bike stickers)
  • Single Membership – $50.00 (1 bike sticker)
  • Additional Bike Stickers – $15.00 (Membership Req.)

Usage of trails on private land at Mt. Baber

The trails at Mt. Baber are created and maintained for your use and enjoyment by the Mt. Baber ATV Club and the Oregon Department of Forestry in cooperation with the private landowner partner Weyerhaeuser. The lease agreement with the landowner requires membership in the Mt. Baber ATV Club for riders to use those segments of the  trail. These areas are called out and indicated on the individual trail description table. 

In addition, a small portion of the trail system uses Bonneville Power Administration right-of-way and much of the meadow staging area is with a BPA easement across state ownership. All landowners have entered into formal agreements with the Mt. Baber ATV Club to allow us of the trail system.